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The Third Dimension Institute is the international teaching ministry of Dr. Frank Opoku-Amoako, Founder and Executive Director. The mission of Third Dimension Institute is to Teach, Train, Build and Bless people around the globe with the principles of the Word of God. Our primary purpose is to empower people from both high and low places to boost their human development capacities, particularly, in Ministry, Leadership, Personal Development, Marriage and Relationships, as well as the Bread and Butter issues of life. Through the agency of this Institute, conferences, seminars, workshops, schools, shall be held on productive platforms to impact as many people around the world as possible. In the end, we desire to see as many people as possible lifted up from the low levels of life into the higher levels of their aspirations, through the teachings of the principles and power of the Word of God.


Friends, no man can do the work of the Lord alone. It takes partnerships and generous support systems to fulfill the Lord's mandates upon our lives. Please consider making a donation from your heart to support this great ministry. I pray The Lord's Covenant Blessings upon you and your entire house. To make a Donation to support us, please Click here and use the DONATE button at the top right corner.