Our Senior Pastor & Apostolic Overseer

Pastor Frank & DorisDr. Frank Opoku-Amoako, affectionately called, Pastor Frank, is a Pastor, International Teacher and Speaker. He is the Founder and Apostolic Overseer of Destiny Life International Churches and the Executive Director of the Third Dimension Institute, an international teaching ministry with a mission to Teach, Train, Build and Bless people around the world with the principles of the Word of God. Dr. Frank is a seasoned Pastor and Teacher of the Word of God; a Christian leader, Church planter and host of Radio Marriage Talk Shows. Entering full-time ministry after his University education and Bible school, he has consistently and diligently pursued the Lord's work with passion in several countries of the world. He has authored several books, including, 'Surviving Your Troubles', 'Passion For Your Marriage Bed', 'Prayer Clouds' and 'Wisdom For Singles" Dr. Frank frequently holds 'Rain of Heaven' Conferences, with a mission to Teach The Word of God and engage the Holy Spirit for His Power, Miracles, Signs and Wonders to meet the needs of people, and Advance the Kingdom of God. He also holds 'Marriage Republic' Seminars, a ministry to Teach Marriage and Build Relationships. Indeed, expect to experience the Word, Wisdom and Power of God, anytime you listen to him.

Pastor Frank has been recognized by the US-based American Bible University and awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree for his Christian leadership and significant contribution towards the advancement of the kingdom of God, raising leaders, planting churches, serving communities, influencing lives and making disciples around the world. He currently resides in Northern Virginia with his wife Doris. They have three children, David, Phebe and Charles.